I love Paris in the springtime

Some surprises are sweeter than others and this one is pure delight. Delight like plum tart with crème fraiche. And champagne. I am more than silly happy about this.

For the last couple weeks, I've been engaged in a reluctant winding down from film fest exhilaration. The circuit is ending. The schedule is slowing. I'm seeing the posters — the new crop of posters for a new series of films. But now we have another screening of Florian Riegel's documentary HOLDING STILL in a place no less glorious than Paris. In an understatement, my spirits are buoyed. 

I was in Paris a very long time ago. I camped inside the city, not far from the last Métro, when camping was crude and campers sparse, and I was near a river loaded with noisy construction equipment and I didn't care. It beat a hotel. I froze. I wore every layer of clothing I had, which wasn't much. The weather shouldn't have been more than chilly. It was freezing. My feet decided to itch maddeningly at night. I did not sleep. I rode the avenues on the back of a motorcycle with a Brit nicknamed Curly in the company of a guy whose moniker (sobriquet, eh?) was Hassle Bebop. My husband was WizKid during those few magical days. Hassle and Curly were returning to London after a sojourn in Spain setting up sound for a rock concert in a cave. All together, we checked out Curly's exhibit in a Parisian gallery.  The precise point of the visit was viewing a manquette of an inflatable dwelling. Inflate a room: Enter. Exit: deflate the room. This was an energy conserving home and it was Curly's design. Curly was ahead of his time and brilliant and out of his mind. We were kids then and everything was possible. I recall also high ceilings from which spun an installation of harlequin metal circus performers. I saved those photos. Somewhere. We made forays throughout the city and shot and lost rolls of precious film. On our last night together, over a tiny butane grill, I seared at least four lamb chops, boiled new potatoes, and tumbled Brussels sprouts in a beurre noisette and served it all to these beautiful, creative, engaging, generous, unshaven, hippie artist/musician/bikers. They thanked me that fourth night for the best meal they ate in that fine city. High praise indeed! I remember it well. You cannot forget what you ate in Paris.

Now HOLDING STILL is in competition again at FranceDoc and screens on Saturday, May 7, 6:00 PM, in the Key Cinema and Wednesday, May 4, 12:00 noon at l' university Paris 8.

If you are in Paris, your schedule is:
Samedi 7 mai à 18h au Cinéma La Clef
Mercredi 4 mai à 12h à l'université Paris 8
Again we have a super fantastic poster to grab. Here's the top. Get it!
While I'm crowing, I'd like to thank David Gerber and Herbie Cassavetes for the memories, memories of Paris, great food and wine, lots of pot, conversation, debate, a zippiest and harrowing ride, late nights, new found friendship, and nicknames. I forget what mine was.

I give you Hassle Bebop (l), Curly (right), moi (centre) et Paris

And I thank you for the ride of a lifetime, Florian Riegel. 

Now, go see HOLDING STILL in Paris! I would.


Sadie Ruben said...

Wow, I`ve been to Paris several times, even though that´s a long time ago too, but I envy you of the way you saw Paris! And yes, I would go to see Holding Still if I was in Paris.

Anonymous said...

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EmeliaNova said...

you are in Paris again!

Janis Sawyer said...

And you are back!

maisquelbeautemps said...

Hello Janis,
I'm in paris and i just saw Holding Still on Arte, ten minutes ago.
I feel more quiet about life, thanks to you, eventhough i'm crying right now...
Maybe you're the most wonderfull and powerfull poet i've ever "met".
thank you!

Janis Sawyer said...

Thank you so much for your most generous comment, Stéphanie. You are too kind. Crying like this feels pretty good, no?

I do hope so.

All my best to you,

maisquelbeautemps said...

Oh yes it feels good! a little bit like feeling suddenly becoming extremely lighter and taller at the same time (well as i'm french i don't know if the way i say it english makes sense or not...)

I'm wondering if you ever showed your work in paris? i mean your photographies and video graffitis

à bientôt,

Janis Sawyer said...

Your English is perfectly clear to me and I do know what you mean. I've had moments like this myself.

I'm especially happy to hear this from you. Keep this feeling!

My minimalist photos and videos have not traveled to Paris, no. Maybe one day. . .

I love your blog!

All best,

maisquelbeautemps said...

thank you so much, Janis!

i can't believe your photos & videos haven't traveled to paris... it's not my work to organize art exhibitions, but would you allow me to think about it and maybe found an idea?

i'm convinced that your art is, more than anyother, connected to what people need today...

i wish you a happy day!
all the best,

Janis Sawyer said...

You're sweet with your comment.

You can contact me directly at the address in my Complete Profile.

Bon soir! A bientôt!